Trelanda Lowe

Trelanda Lowe

A brown skinned African American woman softly smiles. She’s wearing gold hoop earrings, burgundy lipstick, dark sweater, and a multicolor hair wrap mixed in gold and rust brown.

Trelanda “Tree” Lowe is a long-time professional in the industry, the owner of  Vision Edge Mediathe President, and Creative Conceptual Artist at  Bourgeois Magazine LA, and an award-winning podcast show host and creator of Phenomenal Disabilities.

Since 2020, Trelanda has held the role of a Post-Production Supervisor for ADA LeadOn Productions, her collaborative efforts help win the production team numerous awards. As a member of the disability community, Trelanda has held the key role as an LCA Core Leadership Mentor.

Trelanda has also actively been a voice advocating presenting at the Virtual World Community Development Conferences (VWCDCs), Bender #NotAshamed, ReelAbilities, and a variety of other organizations.

Additionally, Trelanda is actively involved as a juror for Aiva’s: Davey, Communicator, and W3 Awards, besides being a former journalist and juror for Women’s eNews.