NDEAM Show Highlights

NDEAM Show Highlights

Logo description: Two gold comedy and tragedy masks with red and blue accessible (lip-readable) PPT face masks show the smile of comedy and the frown of tragedy, next to a paintbrush that is creating musical staff, and silhouette of Alice Sheppard, a dancer using a wheelchair. The words “ADA Lead On” appear prominently at the top. At the bottom, the text continues, “Honoring National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM).”

NDEAM Run of Show

Type                                     Name                                                                               

Sponsor                               AT&T/Corey Anthony                      

Intro                                     Maysoon Zayid & Danny Woodburn


Art Work                             Elayne Otstot (Lydia)

Speaker                               Lydia X.Z. Brown                                                             

Interview                             Alice Wong & Danny Woodburn                                                  

Speaker                               Keah Brown                                                                    

Song                                    Gaelynn Lea – I WAIT

ASL Deaf Performer             Erika Chirino                                                              

Sponsor                               Google/Vint Cerf

Fun Fact                               Reggie Luck – subminimum wage                                                

Speaker                               PJ Swan/Let’s Work

Art Work                             Marie Dagenais-Lewis (Don’t Let the Pain Do You In)


Speaker                               Steve Way                                                                         

Interview                             Haben Girma & Maysoon Zayid                                                   

PSA                                      Voting/REV UP

Sponsor                               Elaine Katz/Kessler Foundation

Government                        Neil Romano/NCD

Rap                                      Question – FREESTYLE RAP

 ASL Deaf Performer            Nancy Duran

Government                         Karen Goss/TransCen-Mid-Atlantic ADA Center

Fun Fact                               Michelle Stilwell

Art Work                              Elizabeth Rajchart (two wheelchair uses about to kiss in front of the Capitol)


Speaker                                Jill Houghton/Disability:IN

Song                                    Tobias Forrest & Auti Angel – EVERYONE’S INSANE

ASL Deaf Performers           Krissy Lemon and John McGinty

ASL Deaf Performer             Erika Chirino

Interview                             William “Tipper” Thomas, III & Danny Woodburn

Speaker                               Tom Foley/WID                 

Government                        Campaign for Disability Employment – Who I Am

Sponsor                               AT&T/Crystal Baker

Dance                                  Anna Gichan – Dance, called RAW

Sponsor                               Kevin Webb/Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation

Fun Fact                               Leroy Moore  - Paul Longmore book

Art Work                             Safiya Eshe Gyasi (The Journey)


Speaker                               Jillian Mercado

Interview                             Ryan J. Haddad & Maysoon Zayid

Sponsor:                              Lori Samuels/Comcast NBCUniversal

Performance                       Gumshoes (Nicholas Noblitt, Khalil Jordan, Hailey Korpai and Lincoln Forbes)

ASL Deaf Performers           Dickie Hearts, and Alexandria Wailes

Fun Fact:                              Christine Bruno & Anita Hollander

Art Work                              Rainbow Mosho (Tree of Life)



Speaker                               Zach Gottsagen

Outro                                   Tari Hartman Squire, Maysoon Zayid, and Danny Woodburn

End Credits                          Jen Msumba – FINALLY HOME

ASL Deaf Performer             Treshelle Edmonds




Fun Facts