ADA30 Show Highlights

ADA30 Show Highlights

ADA30 Lead On: Celebration of Disability Art, Culture, Education & Pride

7:00-9:30 PM ET

Hosted by Danny Woodburn & other disability rights leaders, performers, artists, singers, dancers, poets, filmmakers, and storytellers with disabilities. Thanks to our Lead Sponsor, AT&T.

Appearances include: Tony Award-winner Ali Stroker; Academy Award-winner Marlee Matlin; Comedian/performers Maysoon Zayid, Geri Jewell, Kathy Buckley, Nic Novicki, Nina G., Andy Arias, Shannon DeVido, Selene Luna, and Michael Beers.

Singer-Songwriters - Emmanuel Kelly/NEVER ALONE; Anita Hollander/BODY OF THE FIGHTER with ASL Deaf Performer Alexandria Wailes; Elaine Kolb/WE WILL RIDE and NOT DEAD YET; Jeff Moyer/ADA ANTHEM; Johnny Crescendo and the Pop Squad/PRIDE; and KripHop Nation’s Leroy Moore & Keith Jones/MY ADA STORY. NEVER ALONE In Memoriam edited by Bus Door Films’ Bradley Gantt and Ruan du Plessis with ASL Deaf performers: Michelle Banks, Erika Chirino, CJ Jones, Dickie Hearts, Krissy Lemon, and John McGinty.

Dancers - Alice Sheppard’s Kinetic Light/DESCENT; Heidi Latsky Dance/ON DISPLAY; Infinite Flow/Marisa Hamamoto and Auti Angel; Alie B. Gorrie, Evan Ruggiero, Blake Stadnick; and Full Radius.

Performers and/or ADA30 Birthday greetings by Poet Maria R. Palacios/CRIP WORDS OF ADVICE TO A YOUNGER GENERATION; Camryn Manheim and Cole Sibus, CJ Jones, RJ Mitte, Christine Bruno, Eileen Grubba, Diana Elizabeth Jordan, David Harrell, David Zimmerman, Marilee Talkington, Natalie Gross; Tal Anderson, Treshelle Edmond, Jerald Creer, Antoine Hunter, Performing Arts Studio West, Jenni Gold, Mark Ozdoba’s Mr. & Mrs. Snowman; SAG-AFTRA’s Gabrielle Carteris, Rebecca Damon and Camryn Manheim.

Disability Leaders Senator Tom Harkin, Judith Heumann, Tony Coelho, Haben Girma, ADAPT’s Anita Cameron and Heath Montgomery, Maria Town/AAPD, Kelly Buckland/NCIL, Jim Weissman/United Spinal, Shaun Castle/PVA, Diane Coleman/Not Dead Yet and Dan Fisher/National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery.

Government colleague greetings - Neil Romano/Chairman, National Council on Disability, Shelley Reeves/NIDILRR-ACL, Charles Baldwin/Mass Cultural Council, National Endowment for the Arts’ chairman Mary Anne Carter and Accessibility Director, Beth Bienvenu; Governor Tom Ridge; ADA/Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities - Victor Calise/NYC, Stephen David Simon/Los Angeles, Nicole Bohn/San Francisco, Rachel Arfa/Chicago, Kristen McKosh/Boston, David Newburger/St. Louis, and Rachel Tanenhaus/Cambridge.

Trailers - courtesy of filmmakers: Jim LeBrecht and Nicole Newham/CRIP CAMP, Day Al-Mohamed/INVALID CORP, Eric Neudel and Alison Gilkey/LIVES WORTH LIVING, Yaara Kedem and Isaac Zablocki/ReelAbilities Film Festival NY.

Visual artists - Gina Klawitter/ALL THE WAY TO FREEDOM, Oaklee Thiele-DisArt-Ford Foundation/MY DEAREST FRIENDS, plus Edmonroe and Neil Marcus/EvoluTOn of a Movement; Photographs - Tom Olin/The Tom Olin Collection, an AT&T Humanity of Connection recipient.

Sponsor greetings - AT&T’s David Huntley, Bri King-Offord, Abdi Warsame, and Yasmine Jonaidi; Rodger DeRose/Kessler Foundation; Nic Novicki/Easterseals Disability Film Challenge; Candace Cable/Foundation for Global Sports Development and Sidewinder Films; Kathy Martinez/Wells Fargo; Karen Goss/Mid-Atlantic ADA Center; and Laura Owens/TransCen.

Accessibility - Open audio description and open captions provided by Woman of Her Word and Point 360, audio described by Michele Spitz. Sign Language interpreters Mara Bassani-Santamaria and Elena Lee provided by Bill Pugin’s The Sign Language Company. CART for planning meetings provided by ACS.

ADA30 Lead On logo designed by Dan Wilkins.
Music Supervisor - Reggie Luck; Editors - Liz Pritchard, Tim Doran, Trelanda Lowe, Jd Michaels and Sady Paulson; Writers’ Zoom - Danny Woodburn, Day Al-Mohamed, Mark Ozdoba and Tari Hartman Squire; Production & Design - Jd Michaels; End credits - Exceptional Minds.

Thanks to Talent Outreach Committees and Allies - Christine Bruno, Kallen Blair Prosterman, Andy Arias, Nina G., Alie B. Gorrie, Diana Elizabeth Jordan, Nic Novicki, DisArts’ Jill Vyn and Chris Smit, Elisabeth Axel/Art Beyond Sight, Beth Bienvenu/NEA; Casting Society of America’s Russell Boast, Caroline Liem, Danielle Demchick, Kendra Castleberry, John Ort, Michael Sanford, and Stephanie Klapper.

Website Design Team - Dustin Snowadzky, Jessica Snowadzky, Gina Klawitter, DisArts’ Jill Vyn, and Chris Smit, Mark Ozdoba.
Social Media ADA Generation blogger coordinator - Anita Cameron;

Produced and directed by Tari Hartman Squire and Danny Woodburn; Associate producer Karen Goss; Production assistants - Emma McElroy, Allilsa Fernandez, Candace Cable, and Mark Ozdoba.

We appreciate Yoshiko Dart for blessing our ADA30 Lead On name with Justin Dart’s signature phrase, Lead On.

Thanks to our sponsors - AT&TGoogle, The Ability Center, Bus Door Films, Deraney PR, Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, EIN SOF Communications, Exceptional Minds, Foundation for Global Sports Development, Kessler Foundation, Lights! Camera! Access!, michaels.adams., Mid-Atlantic ADA Center, Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, Mulberry Tree Group, Point 360, PolicyWorks, TransCen, Wells Fargo, Woman of Her Word.

Here's some show highlights:


Maysoon Zayid

Maysoon Zayid has 10,978,097 views on her TedTalks. Witness the power and punch of her message on ADA30 Lead On.


CJ Jones

From the hit movie BABY DRIVER to the new AVATAR, comedian and actor CJ Jones wishes ADA a Happy Birthday.


Krip Hop Nation

It’s more than music! Leroy Moore and Keith Jones of KripHop Nation share MY ADA STORY.


Maria R Palacios

Wheelchair Goddess Maria R. Palacios offers CRIP WORDS OF ADVICE TO THE YOUNGER GENERATION.



Ali Stroker

Meet Tony Award-winner Ali Stroker who makes a commitment to not perform in venues that are not wheelchair accessible and gives a tour de force performance.



Alice Sheppard



Anita Hollander






Emmanuel Kelly



Judy Heumann



Maria Town



Nic Novicki



Kessler Foundation



Jim Lebrecht



Tom Harkin



Tony Coelho



AT&T Bri King-Offord