Tari Hartman Squire

Tari Hartman Squire

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Tari Hartman Squire’s EIN SOF Communications is a leading disability-inclusive diversity media, business and disability strategic marketing firm. Since founding Media Access Office (MAO) in 1980, she consulted on hundreds of TV, film, marketing/advertising campaigns for AT&T, Apple, Bank of America, BBDO, CBS, Facebook, Fox Searchlight, Honey Maid, McDonald’s, Mattel, Microsoft, NBCUniversal, Nickelodeon, Spectrum, Universal, and established disability strategic marketing as a genre with its MY LEFT FOOT campaign. Lights! Camera! Access! builds on MAO success to increase employment in front of/behind the camera; improve portrayals across delivery genres, and ensure accessible media. EIN SOF specializes in creating mutually-beneficial strategic alliances with disability community, media, corporations, foundations and universities with its Disability Community Market Research Initiative like The Disability Collection with Verizon Media, Getty Images and National Disability Leadership Alliance creates authentic disability stock photos.

After discrimination in casting during a temporary disability, Squire and other disabled actors spearheaded SAG Committee of Performers with Disabilities. Squire was then hired as MAO Founding Executive Director (liaison between disability community and media industry) to build official casting clearinghouse, insure authentic casting, technical assistance and script consultation, media advocacy and produce Media Access Awards. She co-authored Ruderman TV Challenge issued to 151 TV series and pilots across 39 delivery platforms to audition performers with disabilities; co-authored Making News: How to Get Disability Rights Coverage, advised AP Stylebook on disability-savvy semantics and is conversant in American Sign Language.

Squire and Danny Woodburn are teaming up to produce and direct ADA30 Lead On.


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