Alice Sheppard/Kinetic Light

Alice Sheppard/Kinetic Light

Laurel Lawson, a white woman, balances on the footplate of Alice Sheppard’s wheelchair, with arms spread wide, wheels spinning.

Kinetic Light is a project-based ensemble of disabled artists committed to intersectional disability aesthetics and culture and accessibility as central to the art and creative process.

Working in the disciplines of art, technology, design, and dance, Kinetic Light creates, performs, and teaches at the nexus of access, queerness, disability, dance, and race. We see disability as more than the medical deficit of diagnosis. In our work, intersectional disability is an aesthetic, a culture, and essential element of our artistry. Rooted in rigorous investment in the histories, cultures, and artistic work of people with disabilities and people of color, Kinetic Light creates transformative art that advances the disability arts movement.


Full credits:

Directed and Conceived: Alice Sheppard
Choreography and Performance: Alice Sheppard, in collaboration with Laurel Lawson
Lighting & Video Design: Michael Maag
Costume & Makeup Design: Laurel Lawson

Music: Jeanrenaud, Joan. "Dead Reckoning." Visual Music. With performers PC Muñoz and William Winant. Deconet Records 2016. With the kind permission of the composer.

Joan Jeanrenaud. "Waiting." Strange Toys. Talking House Records 2008. With the kind permission of the composer.

Audio Description: George McRae
Poet: Eli Clare, performed by Erin deWard
Script: David Linton
Soundscape: Dylan Keefe

Ramp Design: Sara Hendren, Yevgeniya Zastavker, and Students from Olin College.
Ramp Fabrication: Rooster Productions, LLC